All About HCG

HCG, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, diet plans promise results that are most certainly desirable to anybody wanting and/or needing to lose a lot of weight. The plan exceeds that of diets such as Atkins or Weight Watchers as it involves either orally ingesting three drops of HCG a day or taking one injection, usually in the dieter’s thigh, daily. The homeopathic drops require the user to do more work, of course, as one must remember to take this three times a day whilst the injection is a once a day routine that is reported virtually painless.

The similarity to other diets that focus mainly on food and physical activity is that the dieter must still follow certain guidelines if he or she desires optimal results. One can find diet plans with instructors on websites promoting HCG products such as HCG Diet Direct which has their own website.

Once one decides to take this route, the user is left with the question of which route to take with HCG. As the usage of HCG for weight loss all began with intra-muscular injections, first administered by Dr. A. T. W. Simeons which was seen as the best form and available plan for weight loss. Some may argue that having to poke oneself with a needle is not worth doing, but with the oral drops, the dieter has to take many more steps and take much more care with the drops due to the fact that these must be refrigerated as well as orally consumed twice daily. Overall, success has been found in both methods, but the once-a-day injection seems to provide quite the convenience, especially having to already follow a meal plan. It is said the the drops however do not pack the punch of the shots, so keep that in mind when ordering.*

An HCG dieter certainly does not need to add another chore, the HCG drops, three drops a day, to the already strict regimen that includes specific safe foods, keeping the dieter on a low-caloric intake. This method has been constructed to provide individuals with weight issues resolve them fast (the programs may typically last seven to forty days), safely, inexpensively, and, most important to many dieters, without hassle and immediate results—exactly what one can expect from HCG injection dieting programs!


*Please note it has the FDA has come out and said that most HCG drops either contain traces of HCG or none at all and the weight loss is due to the actual limiting of the calories. To get pure HCG please consider ordering the HCG Injections which actually are shown to contain the hormone and deliver better results.