Do HCG Injections Work?

For everyone wondering if HCG Injections work, the answer is a resounding YES!!!! While I cannot say it will work the same for everyone, I can say that I have personally had some extremely good success following the HCG protocol.

We all have different goals, different needs and different bodies and I personally varied my program a little bit to suit MY needs!

A couple of things I did differently:

I ate more than 500 calories. Why? Well the answer is simple, I also started to do some weight training prior to starting HCG. The increase in activity would consume calories so I felt I could get away with more to eat. I kept my calories around 1500 per day which is 3 times the amount suggested. Also keep in mind that when I started I was easily 210 lbs and had quite a bit of weight to lose.

I increased my protein intake. Again, I was doing weight training so I wanted to be able to retain the muscle I had while restricting my calories.

I ate 5 meals a day. What? You read correctly, the thing is I ate 5 smaller meals as opposed to 2 or 3 larger meals. I had to prepare them sometimes so I would not cheat during the week.

The weekends were mine! What does that mean? I did not count calories or work out on the weekends. I did find that I still ate less but it was not planned. I also ended up doing something physical on the weekends a lot of the time. I suppose that losing weight and being fitter made me enjoy things like the beach or dancing more.

Anyway, here are 2 pictures, one is a before picture and one is after. It is important to note that the before picture was taken a good 10 days to 2 weeks into the program. I was embarrassed to take a picture “before” and had no intention of documenting my progress. The thing is, once I saw the progress and realized that I had lost about 10 pounds in just 2 weeks I decided to start taking photos.

Me before 200 lbs, size 38 jeans



Stats for before and after HCG Injections

When I started the program I was 210 pounds, wore between a size 38 to a size 40 in jeans. The picture shows me 2 weeks in having lost about 10 pounds already! By the time I finished I was down to 180 or so pounds and was fitting into jeans that were a 32 which I had not done since HIGH SCHOOL! By the way I am in my 40’s, so yes if I can do it you can to.


I am not a doctor nor a scientist, I am just your average guy telling you how well HCG Injections worked for me! I feel that at my age the HCG helped me retain and actually INCREASE muscle mass during a calorie restricted diet. I did NOT have to starve myself because I increased my physical activity. I ate clean 5 days a week and did what I wanted during the weekends so I did not feel deprived of anything. If you are motivated and dedicated you can have results that are as good or greater, I firmly believe this because if a man in his 40’s with average genetics can do it, you can too!