hcg workouts
Getting yourself some exercise is always crucial to your health, but that doesn’t mean that you need to join a gym, spending a handsome amount each month. As a matter of fact you don’t even need the expensive and fancy equipment to give your body that effective workout you need. You can always work out at home using just what you have in your house. Here are a number of exercises while on the HCG diet you can use to burn out that extra fat you don’t really need by elevating your metabolism and thus tone that body of yours.

Warm up first

Always start your exercises with a warm up. It helps you prepare and avoiding any injuries. Begin with a set of 10-15 prisoner squats, 10- 12 kneeling push ups or push ups, about 5o jumping jacks and then hold the position for 20 seconds. Take a 30 minutes rest then repeat it one more time before starting the actual work out.

Squats, push-ups, side planks

This is a pair of exercises that can be done on a daily basis

  • 15- 20 prisoner squats twice followed by 8- 12 push- ups or kneeling push- ups. Rest for a minute and repeat it two more times
  • 12 lunges per side four times, followed by side planks 30 seconds per side. Rest for a minute or two and repeat it two more times.
  • 15 stability bail legs curl six times for 45 seconds. Rest for a minute and repeat it two more times.

This should then be followed up by a short bout of high intensity interval training. Sprint for 15- 20 seconds at your maximum speed and then rest for about 45 seconds at a light/ slow walk or jog. This should be repeated 7 times to make a total of 8 cycles with a 3-4 minutes cool down and warm up before each interval.

Light weight lifting

You can always start out by weight lifting light household items and work your way out to the heavier items such as milk jugs, water jugs and even laundry detergent containers/ bottles.


This exercise is great for burning abdominal fat as well as building up the abdominal muscles. As for those who are just starting, there is no need to stress about getting your head all the way up. As long as you can go to a point where you can feel the muscles stretch, you are doing well.

Tri- set workout

This is another exercise that can be done at home using a pair of dumbbells. The following are steps that are involved in a tri-set workout

  • Dumbbell squat press 15 times

Involves standing with dumbbells held to sides. Then bend knees so that the hips bends back behind as you keep your back straight. Descend until your thighs are part parallel to the floor then extend knees and hips until the legs are straight again. Simply up and down.

  • Bent over row 15 times

This Involves kneeling over the side of a bench and placing one knee and hand on the bench for support. The other leg should be positioned slightly back to side while you grasp the dumbbell from the floor. Lift the dumbbell up until it makes contact with ribs then lower it downward. Repeat this and then continue with the other arm.

  • Split lunges 10 times on each side

This exercise involves standing with grasped dumbbells on the sides. The feet are separated apart with one foot forward and the other behind. Then squat down flexing the knee and hip of the front leg allowing the rear leg to bend to a point that it almost touches the floor. Return to original position and repeat this again then continue with the other leg.

Superset of your favorite turbulence training

This training workout should be done for about 10 minutes since the first superset contains the most efficient/ effective exercises.

Leg lifts

Leg lifts is an excellent exercise. It helps burn up fat on the thighs and build up muscles. In cases where one finds difficult to do this with the legs up straight, then try to bend them a little.

All you need is a little space and commitment to any other exercise you choose to attain your goal of bursting some of the extra fat you want gone.