HCG Injections for Bodybuilding

hcg bodybuilding

There is alot for information about HCG Injections for weight loss but what if you are close to your target body fat? Where is the information about HCG Injections for bodybuilding?

When it comes to bodybuilding there is no doubt that having normal to high levels of testosterone will help you build lean muscle mass as well as shed fat much quicker. There is no dispute that a person carrying more muscle uses more calories, even at rest, than a person who carries less muscle mass. So the question is will HCG be helpful for my bodybuilding endeavors?

The answer quite simply is YES, especially if you are a bit older and may have decreased testosterone production already, I will also discuss how this helps younger athletes further down.

HCG has been shown to raise testosterone levels in men that are suffering from low testosterone production. In fact, it works so well that HCG injections are often used to help with fertility issues in both men and women! By applying an HCG shot a mans begins to increase his testosterone production which can bring it up from a medium-low count up to a medium-high count.

The benefits to having your testosterone at higher levels is that you have more energy, focus, strength, recuperative ability and a gain in muscle mass.

This hormone is so powerful that even athletes who take anabolic steroids often supplement HCG after coming off of a steroid cycle. When an athlete is on anabolic steroids they are introducing large amounts of testosterone into their system. The body can detect this abnormal amount and therefore slows or stops the production of testosterone that is created naturally. The use of steroids often also leads to testicular atrophy which in laymans terms is simply shrinkage of the testicles.

By introducing HCG even athletes who have been abusing steroids regain there ability to produce testosterone naturally. This is why HCG is considered a banned substance. Not because it is dangerous or bad for you but often the HCG can be detected in the event the actual steroid is not. The assumption is, in sports that test, that if there is HCG in your system then at some point there were also anabolic steroids.

Hopefully this brief article gives you the information you need. It is advisable to never seek out anabolic steroids without the consent of a doctor.