hcg diet myths

New Diet Option

The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin diet, or the hCG diet, is said by recent media attention to be a new diet option for those who want dramatic weight-loss. However, the hCG diet was first discovered in the 1950s when Dr. A.T.W. Simeons published his finding of the combined results of hCG with a low-calorie diet. He found that when obese dieters took low doses of hCG with a strict calorie diet, the dieter experienced dramatic weight-loss in key trouble spots, like the upper arms, stomach, thighs, and buttocks, without the reduction in muscle tone.

The diet is now revamped by recent media attention because of the common scams and pitfalls that dieters are undergoing with fraudulent over-the-counter (OTC) forms of the hormone. Because these forms have little to no trace of the actual hormone in them, they are FDA banned.

Works Like Magic

The hCG diet is sometimes marketed that it’s easy to follow and works like magic with guarantee results. However, the diet requires determination and dedication from the dieter. Those who sell it might advertise that it’s easy to follow, but the dieter must undergo a strict low-calorie diet over a certain number of days (usually 40 days) while taking the hormone.

Furthermore, the diet is meant to be used as a component with exercise and a healthy lifestyle for people to lose weight – not to be used on its own as a magical fat fixer. Because the dieter chooses how well he or she will follow the diet instructions, results can vary. For instance, if a dieter eats sugar during the maintenance phase of the injection diet, then he or she is expected to have low results from the diet. So, the results are not guaranteed and are completely based on the dieter’s ability to follow the diet instructions.

Benefits Last Forever

The hCG diet’s result are often popularized as lasting forever. For instance, if a dieter loses 50 pounds from the diet, then he or she can expect to keep the weight off even after the diet. However, the benefits last only as long as the dieter is willing to maintain exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes dieters volunteer to undergo several 40 day treatments of the injection process, but eventually the body will reject the benefits of the hormone. The overall diet design functions to guide the dieter to make permanent, healthy lifestyle choices as a way to keep the weight off.

FDA Approved

While all forms of hCG are believed to be FDA approved for weight-loss, OTC and homeopathic supplements are FDA banned as unsafe for dieters to use as a weight-loss treatment.

The pharmaceutical injection form is FDA approved as a treatment for infertility issues. However, it is both legal and commonly prescribed “off-label” as a weight-loss aid. The FDA has not approved the injectable hormone strictly as a weight-loss drug because there hasn’t been consistent data to their standards on its positive effect. But, many doctors and patients testify to its positive benefits and continue to use it as a component with exercise and a healthy lifestyle as a way to manage weight-loss. Hopefully this helped to clear up any hCG myths!