How to Build Muscle Mass Using HCG

The reproductive system in human beings has always been very interesting topic to read and discuss. Every teenager wants to know how and why the changes in their bodies occur. The Main reason behind these changes in the body is because of the hormones. They multiply the cells in the body. The role of testerol hormones in  boys cause changes like; broadening of the chest cavity, muscles build up, deepening of the voice, pubic hair and others. While in girls, the changes that occur due to hormones are; increase of breasts, widening of the hips, softening of voice, pubic hair, menstruation, not to mention the rest. HCG is one such hormone that is produced naturally in women. The hormone HCG has been used as a diet aid for many years now but in this article we will discuss how to build muscle mass using HCG.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, HCG, is a hormone that is readily available when a woman becomes pregnant. It has been shown to have a number of effects in both MEN and WOMEN, such as increased testosterone production in males. The hormone also helps to increase fertility in women. Apart from this, during puberty in males it stimulates the dropping of the testicles to those who do not experience it as it should normally. This is done through a prescribed injection from a qualified physician. What most people do not know according to research, the HCG hormone is also useful in areas like muscle building and losing of weight;surprised? Well, this is a fact. The following instructions will help one to Build Body Muscle Mass Gain Using HCG,

  • Be sure to increase your protein Intake.
  • Participate in a weight lifting routine 3 times per week.
  • Monitor your lifts, if you are not improving your repetitions or weight lifted regularly you may have to increase your rest between workouts or your calories slightly.
  • Use the scale, Mirror and Tape Measure to gauge your progress.

The duration that one is required to continue with HCG is around 21 days up to 40 days. This is supposed to be the standard time needed for an HCG cycle. It is best to note that although this treatment is safely used for treatments concerning  testicular dropping and infertility as stated earlier, you should always seek medical advice before starting a diet or fitness program.