Phase 3 HCG Tips

hcg diet tips 

Phase 3 is the “stabilization” phase of the HCG diet. In this phase you’re going to avoid all pre-packaged, processed foods. Anything “white” is generally problematic on this phase: white flour, white rice, white sugar, potatoes, and white pasta should all be avoided. This is also the phase of the diet where you would want to start incorporating more exercise. You don’t want to go too out of control, but if you take your walking up to 30-45 minutes every day you will start really seeing the benefits.


There are no caloric restrictions during phase 3, and you don’t take injections during this phase. It should be easy after taking injections and restricting yourself to 500 calories on phase 2! However, the challenge is to avoid “going crazy.” Now is not the time to throw moderation out the window.


Watch the Dairy

You can have some dairy on Phase 3, but be careful. Dairy products often contain sugar, especially if they are “low fat.” It’s better to get high-fat dairy products and use them in moderation. Read labels so that you know what you’re getting and use organic dairy products wherever and whenever possible. It’s better to use dairy as a garnish than as a central meal item.


Practice Portion Control

Even though there are no caloric restrictions on phase 3 it is still important to use sane portion control. Portion control doesn’t have to be inconvenient. To make it easy, use small plates. Then divide those plates into three distinct parts. The large section of the plate goes to your protein. The smaller portion of the plate goes to your fruits and your vegetables. Eat slowly and don’t get seconds. If you found it easier to work within caloric guidelines you can now use an online tool to find your caloric “maintenance” level for your height, weight, gender and current weight.


Keep Weighing Yourself

Weigh yourself each morning after emptying your bladder. Your weight should not fluctuate more than 2 pounds during Phase 3. The point of Phase 3 is to create a new “set point” for your body. Our bodies create these “set points.” If your “set point” is 195 pounds, for example, your body will adjust its metabolism as much as possible to keep you at 195 pounds. If your set point is 150 pounds it will do the same thing. Therefore you have to complete Phase 3 if you want to keep off the weight that you’ve just taken off with your HCG injections and diet.


If your weight does fluctuate by more than 2 pounds just have a “steak day.” Don’t eat anything other than a large steak with a big tomato for the whole day. You can substitute an apple for the tomato if you prefer to do so.


Stay the course!

Nobody ever said that weight loss was fun. The HCG diet may be effective but, like any diet, it comes with challenges. When you feel yourself faltering just remember the rewards!