Workouts while on HCG

Some people will notice the weight drop off simply by following a strict HCG Diet but one should take this opportunity to do some working out while on the diet.

There are a number of approaches that can be taken regarding a workout program while on HCG. Some may think that the best workout plan would be one that focuses on cardio. While I agree, a cardio focused fitness program can and will help push the weight off it MIGHT not be the most suitable option. For one the restriction of calories will in and of itself motivate your body to lose the weight. Next cardio workouts sometimes can be lengthy and taxing. When combined with the low calories you might find that you are fading towards the end.

My suggestions is to work on a muscle sculpting or muscle building workout program. My reasons are rather simple. The act of taking HCG at all, especially in men, can result in an increase of natural testosterone, particularly if you may have experienced a drop in your testosterone level. This often begins to happen in men once they reach there 30’s and 40’s.  The resulting rise in testosterone helps the body grow and retain muscle mass, which compounds the FAT LOSS you will experience. It has been proven that the more muscle a person carries the more fat they burn, even at rest. If that does not motivate you, nothing will.

If you already have a muscular and athletic build I would suggest a combination approach that focuses on resistance training with weights and short duration cardio. Perhaps even a plyometric program such as P90X might be suitable. It will serve to get your heart rate up while also mixing in strength training, which will also result in muscle gain or at the very least muscle retention. The goal of any fitness program should be to maintain or increase lean muscle mass. If a person loses 10 pounds but 5 of it is muscle, this becomes counterproductive to your health, appearance and future ability to burn fat. As stated earlier, the more muscle you carry the more fat you burn at rest.

However you choose to approach your HCG diet and workout program, always speak to a doctor and decide on the safest program that will help you reach your goals!