HCG Diet- Is It the Best Option?

When it comes to losing fat, often people want to research and get as much information as possible before deciding on a plan. This is fine but remember, the more you research the less you are actually doing! Losing fat is all about cutting calories and/or starting a workout program. When it comes to the HCG Diet and HCG Injections the question becomes what results does the diet have and is it a truly effective program.

The HCG Diet is precisely what it sounds like. It is simply a diet that is designed to run in tandem with your HCG Injections. The principle behind the diet is very similar to other diets meaning that it is a low calorie plan designed to force your body to shed fat and overall weight. Simply by following the diet plan you can expect to lose weight since it is proven time and again, lowering calories, lowers weight. It is fairly simple in it’s concept, perhaps not so simple in execution but those that have stuck with the program have had good results. The plan is meant to be followed for 21-40 days at a time. It is not meant to be a year long, month after month plan.

HCG Injections are the actual injections you take while following the HCG Diet plan. One can be done without the other, but the idea is to lose as much fat as possible. It is important to remember that each of us have different caloric needs and different caloric expenditures. Perhaps you will see best results with MORE calories than suggested, this will depend on your metabolism and activity level. Simply put HCG Injections work by helping your body retain lean mass and metabolizing your fat stores. In simple terms it just means that the HCG shots helps you burn more fat as you cut the calories. This is important to remember because on many weight loss programs you stand the chance of losing as much muscle as you do fat. The theory behind taking HCG is that the hormone helps reduce the muscle you lose and increase the fat you lose.

When it comes to choosing HCG be sure to get the shots or injections! The sub-lingual drops have been reported to carry minimal amounts of HCG or none at all. If you found you have lost weight while taking the drops be sure that it was simply from the reduction in calories, which is fine, but you did not get any of the muscle sparing effects of  the hormone. If you decide to go on another cycle, this time try the shots and see the difference!

Hopefully this cleared up the differences between HCG Injections and the HCG Diet. They are not the same thing and completely separate strategies, but by using them together they create a synergy that helps peel fat from your body while holding as much muscle as possible while cutting back on your calories.