HCG Injection- The Wonder Drug

There is information abound regarding the HCG Injection that you can find very useful and we are glad you stopped in here to add to your knowledge. If you are considering purchasing this wonder drug please follow the link HERE.

HCG has several uses and it is an amazing hormone. While we touch on most of this in various posts we thought it would be worthwhile to post some of the stated benefits of HCG on one post for ease of use.

before and after hcg

One of the most common benefits of HCG is simply weight loss. This hormone is made early on during pregnancy and helps the woman metabolize body fat in order to keep the fetus fed with vital nutrients and calories. As the pregnant mother starts to increase her caloric intake the HCG production eventually slows or stops. This is the key component to why many believe HCG works as a weight loss drug. The theory is you can lower your calories drastically and via the HCG your body will more efficiently metabolize and consume fat for your daily caloric needs, not only resulting in weight loss but more importantly fat loss.

Another benefit is an increase in testosterone production in men. Once men reach a certain age their natural testosterone production decreases. This typically occurs around the age of 30 and above. The introduction of HCG  “kick starts” your bodies ability to create it’s own testosterone often increasing your natural levels in a safe and effective way. Do not misunderstand, this is not a steroid so you are not bringing in unnatural testosterone into your body. Rather you  are just improving how well your own body produces it’s own testosterone.  This is one reason that many users of anabolic steroids go on an HCG cycle either during steroid use or immediately after a steroid cycle. With the introduction of steroids into the system the body slows or stops the production of testosterone, the HCG functions to allow the steroid user to get back to a normal or even High normal range of testosterone production.

Finally, HCG is often used in fertility treatments for both men and women. It has proven effective in this regard time and again.

As you can see the HCG Injection is an amazing tool suitable for many purposes, be sure to use HCG as intended as HCG for hormone therapy or fertility usually require a doctor visit while HCG for weight loss often just requires an online form to be filled out.  You can typically find a months supply of the HCG Injection for around $140, make sure to find a reputable source.