five pounds of fat

One of the most common misconceptions that I have seen on the web regarding the HCG diet is where users who fail to lose the desired weight turn and blame the HCG for that particular failure.

Lets be crystal clear for a moment, whether you believe that HCG works or not, the HCG is not at fault.

This is backed by decades of evidence which proves this to be 100% true.

For instance, multiple tests and studies have shown that BOTH the HCG group AND the non HCG group ended up losing weight on a 500 calorie diet, which ironically is the crux of the whole FDA argument against using HCG in the 1st place!

So what is stalling weight loss?

The simple answer is that you are not consuming 500 calories. Sure you might think you are consuming 500 calories but are you tracking what you are consuming? Everything you are consuming?

This includes snacks, drinks, fruits, nuts and everything else that you are eating or drinking.

Are you eating the right foods? The Simeons diet is quite strict and limited to mostly proteins, minimal fats and nearly no carbohydrates.

The other more complicated issue might be some sort of underlying health condition.

Perhaps your metabolism is so slow that you lose weight more gradually than others. Perhaps you have some sort of hormonal imbalance that causes weight gain despite your efforts.

Why take HCG?

That is a question only YOU can answer. If you lose weight on the program and improve your health, does it really matter?

Also, there is a school of thought out there that claims that HCG may be responsible for the type of weight that is lost.

HCG is an approved product for use in certain treatments like male and female infertility as well as hormone replacement therapy.

The balance of hormones can help or hinder weight loss efforts and muscle retention. Most reading this probably realize that the more muscle one has the more calories they burn on a daily basis.

There is also this study on the American Journal of Clinical nutrition website which is one of the few clinic studies that DID show HCG to provide a greater benefit to the dieter than the 500 calorie alone.

You can read the entire study here-

The short version is that a very similar protocol that Simeons endorsed was followed with some modifications. They allowed what appeared to be a more robust vegetable offering,  more bread choices, they allowed certain fruits and allowed several protein sources but very little beef.

At the end of the trial the mean weight loss for the HCG group was over 19lbs and the mean weight loss for the non HCG (placebo) group was just under 12 lbs.

Keep in mind, even though (in this study) the HCG group lost MORE weight the placebo (non HCG) group still lost weight.

Does that mean all HCG is created equal?

The answer, of course, is NO!

HCG is a prescription product so if you are interested in purchasing HCG make sure that it is the real thing. The only way to accomplish this is to go see a physician or you can buy HCG online from a reputable source that has physicians and who buy their HCG from a licensed pharmacy.

Another point to consider is that HCG is most potent and useful when taken by injection. Yes you can buy pharmacutical HCG drops with a prescription or even by pellets but the sure fire way to get the correct dosage is to take an HCG injection.

If you are going to invest in in HCG and the diet that comes with it then at least you should consider getting the best product and for crying out loud, stop blaming the HCG for lack of weight loss!