Oral HCG Effectiveness

HCG is well known for it’s positive effects in fertility, weight loss and testosterone therapy but what about Oral HCG effectiveness?

Before going on an HCG diet please be sure to do some research. Even though Oral HCG may seem like a good option, due to the cheap cost and absence of needles no matter how little you spend, it may be too much if they do not work.

There have been studies showing that homeopathic or oral HCG has little to no effect after ingested. After taking your does much of the HCG is lost as your body processes the hormone. By taking the HCG as a shot the hormone is introduced into the bloodstream and you get the full dose as intended.

Why do people taking the HCG Orally still experience weight loss is possibly the next logical question. The answer should be obvious but I will take a moment to explain. The diet that people tend to go on when on HCG leads to very rapid weight loss, the Simeon’s Diet suggests a significant reduction in calories which will allow most anyone to lose weight quickly.

The downside is if you are not taking HCG that is in it’s full dosage then you may be losing as much muscle as fat! The HCG shots allow you to receive the correct dose which in turn helps to increase the amount of fat lost and decrease the amount of muscle lost. I am sure we have seen, or know people that have lost 10, 15 or even 20 pounds but they look almost the same as before the weight loss.

This is because their body composition is the same, in fact the likely have less muscle than before but they are happy with the fact they lost weight. One of the many problems this causes is when you return to a normal calorie intake you may store fat even more quickly than before. If you manage to retain the muscle you had then your body will burn calories more effectively.

The only way way to ensure that you lose more fat than muscle on this low calorie diet is to make sure you are taking the correct dosage of HCG and the only way to make sure that is happening is to be on the HCG injections. The oral version has very little effect and can lead you to believe it is working simply due to the diet you are following when in fact it may be doing more harm than good in the long term.