What Is The HCG Diet


HCG diet is a diet administered by injection to men and women with the major aim of reducing weight.


HCG diet has been used by thousands of men and women all over the word and has been applauded to be very vital to them in their quest to cut down excessive weight.


During pregnancy women normally produce a hormone called the Human Chorionic Gonadotrop, also referred to as us the HCG hormone. HCG diet helps in weight reduction in people and is known to work effectively.


This naturally occurring hormone is produced by the body to nourish and protect the fetus by taking the stored fat reserves and changing them to nutrition for the placenta.


The HCG diet injected into the body works in a way that helps convert the excessive fats in to your body by reducing the body’s metabolism rate and if one pays attention to his pr doses then with time the patient reduces weight.


HCG diet has been of great assistance to a majority of people around the world who have used it and those who have tried it have applauded the medication saying they were able to lose up to 40 pounds of weight. At this juncture it is imperative to note that HCG diet does not only play the crucial role of helping you lose weight but also comes with other positives benefits attributed to it. This diet helps those on it to down on their blood sugar levels and help them reduce the level of cholesterol in their bodies.


Is it Effective for Everyone


Since HCG is a crucial diet helper, it has been found to benefit both males and females, much as it is mostly produced by pregnant women. However, it is wise to note that HCG does not have the same effects on every human being. Depending on an individual’s body metabolism, the rate at which the positive results are achieved vary from one individual to the other.


It is vital to note that HCG shots can be administered as injections into the body, or taken orally as both syrups and pills. HCG diet shots are known to have minimal side effects to the user; however when taken with the major aim of enhancing their fertility, it is common for one to experience frequents headaches.


Does One Gain Weight After Using HCG Diets


The main aim of using HCG diet is to make one lose weight. HCG shots are known to trigger a change in people’s eating habits once they have started using them. There is no reason of you having to gain weight after using the diet so long as you have developed good eating habits.


It is advisable for one to maintain an average eating habit to maintain the weight he or she intends to maintain. However, it should be understood that the issue of losing or gaining weight with this diet, varies from one person to the other.


You are advised to continue exercising while at the same time using the HCG diet. Also, remember that HCG shots will only work if it coupled with a healthy eating culture, and following instructions given by the Diet physician.