Who is Dr. ATW Simeons?

dr atw simeons 

Dr. ATW Simeons is the creator of the HCG diet. He was a British doctor who devoted himself to finding a cure for obesity.


Simeons discovered the HCG method by studying women in third world countries. Women who worked out in the fields on low-calorie subsistence diets were still delivering normal babies at normal weights. This piqued his curiosity a great deal. He eventually discovered HCG, the hormone in pregnant women’s urine, was somehow responsible for the seeming paradox.


The HCG in the women’s bodies were helping those babies maximize the nutrition they were getting from each bite of the food that was passing into their mother’s body. The end result was that less food was required to sustain the baby’s life. He reasoned that if adults were able to take advantage of HCG they, too, would need less food to live a healthy life and maintain a normal body weight.


This is, by the way, why the HCG diet is safe for both men and women. A baby can be of either sex and so an HCG treatment affects either one the same way. HCG serves the baby during pregnancy, not the mother, which is an important distinction to make. It will not cause men to develop any symptoms which might make them seem more feminine.


Simeons went on to discover that small doses of HCG would release abnormal fat stores in the body. Stubborn pockets of fat would be burned as fuel and released at last. Simeons combined this with a low-calorie, high-nutrient diet to create a method which comfortably releases weight at a very rapid pace. Patients who are extremely obese sometimes do have to go back for multiple treatments to reach their goal weight.


The diet happens in 3 phases. Phase 1 is a short phase. In this phase you eat as much as you want, taking in as many high-calorie foods at the same time. Phase 2 restricts your diet to 500 healthy calories. You take the injections during both of those phases. In Phase 3 the injections stop. You revert to a healthy but more expansive maintenance diet.


Multiple treatments are required to ensure that your body does not become HCG resistant. That is why Phase 3 of the diet creates a new body “set point” for whatever weight you achieved during Phase 2. It creates a new launch point for your next HCG treatment until you get all the way to goal weight.


HCG does have a few side effects, including headaches and, in extreme cases, blood clots. You do have to get a prescription for HCG before using it.


Simeon eventually wrote his findings into a book called Pounds and Inches. Like any weight loss method, Simeon’s ideas were considered controversial when the book was published, just as they are today. However, the results of many happy HCG injection patients do speak for themselves. If nothing you’ve been trying is working it might serve you well to reach out to Dr. ATW Simeon’s life-changing wisdom.